Hosting Services


  • Remote Assistance

  • Systems Monitoring

  • Server Leasing

  • Streaming

Hosted services are technology services offered to you or your company by Rural Solutions, Inc.


RSI hosts the physical servers running your service at our locations.  Access to the service is provided through a direct network connection through the Internet.  Rural Solutions, Inc. can host many services for you on our servers. One of the hosting services RSI provides, includes hosting your website and email.  Whether you are established in the online world or are wanting to develop an online presence, RSI can meet your needs.  From selecting a domain name to sophisticated e-commerce and database, RSI can design and host your website, as well as you own personal email with  We filter SPAM and, prevent scamming.


RSI also leases servers to businesses that need the space but don’t want to make the large financial investment for a new server.  We have redundant backup on our servers to maintain seamless utilization for end users.