Is your computer acting up?  Are things not working the way they used
to work?  Rural Solutions, Inc. can get your computer running like
new, or evaluate if it is time for a new one. We do virus removal,
system tune ups, and hardware diagnostics and repair.  We can
refurbish your old computer or build you a new one.  We can help you
set up your new router at home or set you up with an entire home
network.  No issue is too big or too small.

Is technology something that you just don’t understand?  That’s what
we are here for.  Our friendly staff will take the time to explain in
terms that make sense to everyone so that you can make an informed

If new technology is recommended, we work to understand your needs to
assure that you get a machine with the computing power necessary to
accomplish your goals.  Our professional staff will help you
understand why your computer is acting up and give repair options so
you can make an informed decision.